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Neymar out of PSG accounts against Real Madrid

PARIS (Reuters) - French club Paris Saint-Germain have gotten another stun in the damage of Brazilian star Neymar da Silva on Sunday in the Clasico France against Marseille, who wound up losing 3-0. 

Neymar left the diversion yesterday on a stretcher, after genuine damage, therapeutic tests affirmed that it sprained lower leg. 

Sky Sports said the 26-year-old would miss the Paris group for three weeks and the San German restorative group trusts his arrival could be in Ange's match on March 14. 

It is impossible that the previous Barcelona player will be consigned to the Champions League last before Real Madrid on March 6 at the Parc des Princes Park in Paris. 

The group had won the principal leg at Santiago Bernabeu, 3-1.

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